The Power of Touch Therapy in Managing Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as supporters and promoters of all-around wellness, we’re big advocates of this cause. It’s no doubt that effects of any cancer diagnosis and treatment can cause serious emotional and physical strain that harshly lessen the quality of life in those enduring it.

There are medications meant to directly fight the disease, but what about the depression that can follow a diagnosis? Or the pain that coincides with much of the treatments involved?

That’s where we come in. Alternative medicine can serve as an astoundingly beneficial mind, body and soul wellness resource for cancer patients, and massage therapy is one of the most relaxing forms around.

Massage Benefits for Oncological Relief

  • Massage can lower anxiety levels, pain and fatigue in just about anyone, but these benefits are especially valuable in easing the battle with cancer. Research has even shown that massage therapy can actually reduce the need for pain medication for patients. And, another study focusing on women with stages I and II breast cancer, massage was shown to:
  • Decrease depression
  • Increase protective white blood cells
  • Raise levels of dopamine–a natural hormone that aids in a feeling of well-being (this stuff literally makes you feel happy!)
This study was also reported on here by the national, non-profit online community, BreastCancer.org.

Things to Know

Every LaVida Massage + Skincare session begins with a five-minute consultation in which you should tell your therapist about your condition, treatments and symptoms. It’s also important that you specifically request a therapist who is properly educated in oncology massage therapy, so as to ensure the proper protocols for treatment in each stage of cancer.

And, always talk to your oncologist before seeking massage therapy or any additional alternative relief.