Steps to Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

When spring rolls around, many of us are either struggling to keep our New Year’s fitness resolutions or just starting on a fitness regimen to prepare for summer. Resolutions are easy to make, but it is difficult to commit to a new habit without abandoning your resolve at some point.

Here are some tips to help you make your good fitness intentions into lasting habits:

  1. Be realistic – Given your other commitments and responsibilities, how much time can you devote to a new workout?


  1. Block time on your calendar – it’s an appointment with your health that you must keep as diligently as you would a business meeting.


  1. Set yourself up for small successes – Start out slowly with modest goals. Maybe after a few weeks of walking, start to slowly progress to jogging or running. Begin spot-toning your worst area before committing to a whole body workout that takes hours out of your week.


  1. Track your progress – Whether you use a notepad and pen, a smartphone app or a fitness tracker, seeing your progress on a graph gives you visual confirmation that you are advancing toward your long-term goals. Track your time, reps, distance, and/or resistance level and watch your performance improve over time.


  1. Be accountable to someone else – Workout with a buddy or join an online community of people who are trying to keep their resolutions. It’s easier to quit when no one is watching, so group accountability might be all you need to keep going.


  1. Reward yourself along the way – Set interim goals and treat yourself to a healthy reward when you achieve them: A mani/pedi, an hour of massage, a new outfit, or a day at the spa.

After a few months, you won’t need to trick yourself into keeping your resolutions. Your healthy fitness habit will be a regular part of your life. At LaVida Massage + Skincare, we highly encourage health and wellness for all of our clients; whether that’s staying in shape or treating yourself to a massage or facial. If you have any questions and would like to speak to a professional, contact us today!